Until every man, woman and child has heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ



Each day brings shocking new threats and abominations from the power hungry dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. For years he has starved the people of his nation so he can fund a war machine. He threatens to destroy the United States and other countries while spreading false propaganda to his own people, insulating them from the rest of the world so they believe his lies. He has outlawed Christmas, the Bible, evangelism, and anything affiliated with Christianity. Brutal punishment for believers includes starvation, torture and death. While the rest of the world wrings their hands and wonders what to do, we believers know exactly what God would have us do—

Trust in Him and share the Gospel at every opportunity, bringing hope into the hearts of those who seek Him and to those who have yet to hear.

That’s right, we must find ways to share the Gospel with every man, woman and child in North Korea. Not only is this their only true hope, it may also be the only way to bring peace to the Korean peninsula. We must not rest until each North Korean has heard the Gospel!

Right now, we have that opportunity.

Land has been gifted to FEBC in South Korea. This land is located in just the right place, where we can build a radio station so powerful that our broadcasts will be heard across the entire country of North Korea. Yes, this outreach is incredibly ambitious and I estimate our costs will surpass $1 million over the next year. But first things first . . .

We are asking you, and every one of our ministry partners, to help raise the $150,000 needed immediately to break ground and get the radio tower built.

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FEBC exists to evangelize the lost, support the church, and disciple believers in these hard-to-reach locations through our broadcasts, because radio waves can reach areas inaccessible to missionaries. What’s more, thanks to new technologies and delivery methods, not to mention the faithful family of supporters who make it possible through their prayers and financial support, more people are being reached with the Gospel and discipleship training.

2 Million Responses

With 842 hours of programming a day, 365 days a year; FEBC broadcasts are within reach of an estimated 3 billion people all around the world. But numbers only tell part of the story. Far more important is the fruit the ministry produces and the lives impacted by the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our staff daily receive tearful phone calls of gratitude, emails of listeners asking for radios and Bibles, and social media messages asking questions about specific Bible passages.

105 Languages

FEBC has been training and using indigenous programmers for many years, for the purpose of reaching people in their native language. Regardless of the language, radio is an excellent way to reach people in almost any location or circumstance. It not only breaks the barrier of illiteracy for those who cannot read, it’s the perfect vehicle for those living in cultures and countries that oppose Christianity.

49 Strategic Countries

Between lines of latitude 40 degrees and 10 degrees north of the equator lies an area that contains 4.65 billion people and 69 nations. This area, or “Window,” contains the world’s most unreached people involving the spread of the Gospel. 95% of the people in this “10-40 Window” are unevangelized. The Window also contains 90% of the world’s poorest people, and many of those who are believers in this area undergo heavy persecution for their faith. This is why the majority of countries we work in are in this region.

One Message

For 70 years we’ve been committed to one thing: Sharing Christ with the world. The challenge in today’s turbulent world is not only to proclaim the Gospel, but to proclaim it boldly – even in the face of persecution. For the people of FEBC, that means being brave in places where sharing God’s Word might cause you to be shunned – or get you killed. It says something about our staff – something God-inspired and wonderful – that such danger doesn’t stop them. Because no amount of violence will stop God’s work.

Every day at our FEBC offices, we hear these wonderful stories and we’re so glad to share them with you now. Let the hope and joy sink into your soul. Every day for the next 30 days—or spread it out if you’d like to linger—read about how God is at work, changing lives through the power of His Word. We’ve included a meaningful Scripture and prayer to ponder for your own heart’s journey as well.

We hope the reminder of the power of God’s Word and His work will brighten your next 30 days. Thanks so much for your prayers and support on behalf of those who are touched by FEBC’s ministry. Without you, How Shall They Hear?